About Us

How did it all start? When Ramiro lived in Casa Grande, AZ he received a flyer in the mail about a BMX track opening. Thinking this was cool, he started racing. His first bike was very heavy and old – not something you would want to race with, but it was all he had. He soon became addicted to the sport. After a year and a half he became a pro! But after some time he broke his leg and decided to retire. He never forgot the sport or how it affected his life.

Then along came the Xboys – Xzander and Xzekiel! We bought the boys their first big wheel when they were about 2 years old. They would ride those big wheels all over the house in San Mateo – it was hilarious! Next came the 12′ bikes with training wheels, then the 18″ bikes! Last summer we spent a few months in Nebraska at Grandpa and Grandma’s where the boys got to practice every night on their bikes. One weekend Ramiro just decided it was time to ditch the training wheels and they did awesome. They were about 4 1/2 when we took the training wheels off. Every night Gpa and Gma would go on a ride with the boys – it was great, even though the boys complained a lot.

By May of 2008 we decided it was time to have the boys race. We had taken them to the track at Chandler and they seemed interested – especially Xzander. So we bought their first bikes – Redline Mini’s in shiny gold! They got to pick out their uniforms and helmets. Xzander had to be red like Lightening McQueen and Xzekiel blue like King. That same night we went out to Black Mt. We basically threw them out on the track and said “go for it”! They both wrecked on the first hill and it was Xzander that stuck with it that first night. Xzekiel decided not to do it – for some reason the sound of the gate scared him. Xzander came in third the first night and received his first trophy.

Ramiro decided it would be best to build the boys a gate and jump out of wood so they could practice at home. Every morning he practices with the boys and on most nights we take them out on the mountain biking trail by our house. The practice has really helped and after 2 1/2 months they are both fighting for first place! They are true racers – even wearing clip in shoes!