Southwest National in Tucson AZ, August 7-8th 2009.

Xzander cleaned house! On Friday night in the pre-race he took 2nd and Xzekiel got 6th. Saturday for National #1, Xzander won first in mixed open and class! Xzekiel, unfortunatly did not make it in class. Sunday for National #2, Xzander again, won first in mixed open and class! His win in class allowed him to turn expert! Xzekiel took 6th in class.

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Duke City National in Albequerque, NM – May 23-24th 2009.

Xzander cleaned house! He took home 4 first place trophies. He won the pre-race on Friday, won Open and Class on Saturday, and Class on Sunday. Xzekiel did great too! He took 3rd in the pre-race on Friday, 8th in Open and 6th in Class on Saturday, and 4th in Open and 6th in Class on Sunday.

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Metro BMX, at Bakersfield CA, May 3rd-4th.

Xzander takes 6th in Open and 2nd in National #1 on Saturday. On Sunday, both boys made it to the main in class and open. Xzekiel took 4th in Open and Xzander wrecked so he took 8th and in class they got 7th and 8th.

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Winter Nationals at Black Mountain, March 6th – 8th. Xzander takes 2nd on Saturday and 7th on Sunday.

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After a very long day, Xzander finally qualified for the main! He ended up 8th – not too bad for only having been racing for 6 months! There were 31 kids in the 6 Intermediate class. Xzekiel made it to the 2nd round of motos but did not qualify.

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Lancaster, CA

National #1, Xzekiel takes 1st and Xzander 2nd. National #2, Xzander takes 4th and Xzekiel 6th.

Southwest National, Tucson AZ, Aug. 2008

The boys cleaned house at their first National! In the 5 and under novice class, on Friday night for the pre-race Xzander took 1st and Xzekiel 2nd. On Saturday for National #1, Xzekiel took 1st and Xzander 2nd. For National #2 on Sunday, Xzander took 1st and Xzekiel 2nd.

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